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CSR Basic Concept

“To be a fair and trusted company”

We at Daimaru Kogyo will strive to “enhance customer satisfaction” and “contribute to society” based on our philosophy of “service before profit” (Those who place service before profit will prosper).

Amid advances in IT and globalization, the circumstances surrounding the business world, such as growing concern over the environment and shifting consumer mindset, are changing at an unprecedented speed. Trading companies like us who work within international settings are more strongly expected to behave in a socially responsible manner.

We, as a member of the J. Front Retailing Group, will build relationships of trust with stakeholders, namely, customers, business partners, shareholders, investors, employees, and communities, through business activities, and will strive to grow as a “fair and trusted company.”

Compliance Activities

We will comply with national and international laws and regulations, as well as corporate ethics in conducting business activities.
For thorough compliance with national and international laws and regulations, as well as corporate ethics, we have set up a “Compliance Committee” and appointed a compliance leader in each division to provide training, raise awareness of compliance requirements and check for compliance with laws, regulations, and rules in the course of daily business operations. Furthermore, we maintain internal rules and business operation manuals including a “Compliance Manual” to promote the practice of compliance management.

Quality Control Activities

We will strive to deliver products and services of responsible quality.

Activity Report

July 2013

Our activities were introduced in the “CSR REPORT 2013” of Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Jun 2016

Granted a “Certification of No-inspection Delivery Manufacturer” for 25 consecutive years by Nissan Research Center.

Environmental Conservation Activities

We will strive to conserve the “natural environment” and conduct environmentally friendly activities.

Activity Report

October 2013

Our Osaka Headquarters participated in the “Cleanup for the Osaka Marathon” and the Tokyo Headquarters conducted cleanup activities in the areas surrounding the office.

July 2013

Our Oita Office participated in the “Bungotakada Cleanup Campaign” in Bungotakada City, Oita Prefecture.

June 2013

Our Osaka and Tokyo Headquarters joined the “Bottle Caps to Fund Vaccines for the Children of the World” campaign conducted by Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores.

Information Security Activities

We will actively work to protect “customer information” and “personal information.”

Daimaru Kogyo acquired certification of is information security management systems under ISO 27001 in November 2009.(Last updated in January 2014) Click on Certificate of Registration(Link to JQA Website)

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