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Protection of personal information

We at Daimaru Kogyo, Ltd. actively work to protect customer “information” and particularly “personal information.”

We strongly recognize the importance of personal information protection. As well as abiding by the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, we have developed and comply with voluntary standards to properly protect personal information in the course of daily business activities. In particular, your personal information is essential for us to provide services to you and we think that it is our social responsibility to appropriately and legally handle such information in ways you can trust. Therefore, in order to ensure the protection of your personal information, we will comply with the following items.

  1. We will clarify the purpose of use and obtain consent from you before collecting personal information from you.
  2. We will use your personal information only within the scope of use to which you have agreed.
  3. We will continue to take necessary and appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access to your personal information and its loss, falsification, and leakage.
  4. We will appoint persons responsible for protecting and managing personal information and will educate, enlighten, and regularly audit employees to ensure the appropriate handling of your personal information.
  5. We will not provide your personal information to any third party unless prior consent is obtained from you or such disclosure is legally required or needed to protect important interests including public life and property.
  6. When we outsource the handling of your personal information, we will exercise necessary and appropriate supervision over the outsourced party to ensure the secure management of personal information.
  7. We will strive to keep your personal information accurate and up to date. We will set up “contact points” to respond to your requests for disclosure, correction or suspension of use of your personal information to the extent reasonable.

May 27, 2016
Hidenori Okubo, President & CEO
Daimaru Kogyo, Ltd.

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