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Building a bright future with the power of chemistry

The rapid and evolutionary progress of chemistry has been bringing changes to various industrial and social structures. Daimaru Kogyo aggressively incorporates ever-evolving technologies to develop and offer advanced and high-value added products.

Major Line of Products

Industrial chemicals

Daimaru Kogyo offers many different kinds of chemical products, including caustic soda that serves as a base material for industrial soda chemicals, inorganic and organic chemicals, industrial chemicals, and petrochemical products. We are always ready to respond to customer needs by taking advantage of our long cooperative relationship with manufacturers and our ability to collect information on market trends.

Base Resins

Daimaru Kogyo provides a full product lineup, including olefin resins such as polyethylene and polypropylene, and styrene resins such as ABS, compounds, and elastomers. Owing to our connections with a great number of leading suppliers, we can help customers select materials that meet their diversified needs with pinpoint accuracy.

Construction Materials

Daimaru Kogyo offers a wide variety of materials, including cement, sodium silicate, hardeners, admixtures and other materials for foundation improvement work, and materials for propulsion and water treatment work.

Glass and Carbon Fiber

Daimaru Kogyo offers glass fiber products including glass cloth, glass roving, and glass chopped strands and mats, as well as carbon fiber including carbon fiber prepregs and composites.

PET Bottles and Pre-formed Bottles

Daimaru Kogyo offers a wide range of PET bottles from beverage and food bottles to wide-mouth bottles for dried laver seaweed (nori), delicacies, and confectioneries, and also accepts turnkey orders for PET bottles from mold to manufacture upon customer demand. We have already established overseas channels to procure pre-formed materials for PET bottles and are ready to accept small-lot orders for any type of PET bottle.

Plastic and Rubber Molded Articles

Daimaru Kogyo can flexibly coordinate operations from mold manufacturing through production of molded articles, secondary processing and assembly of products. We can propose optimal manufacturing solutions in Japan and overseas according to materials, intended use, and production lot.

Fruit Trays and Packaging

Daimaru Kogyo markets packaging materials for fruit including trays, packs, caps, packaging films, collection baskets, containers, and pallets, and also provides a full lineup of packaging materials including recycled PET, molded pulp, PP fillers, PP/PE foam, and PSP. We can surely meet customer requests and designs.

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