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Electronic Components and Devices

Procuring and offering high quality products made with cutting-edge technologies to and from Japan and abroad

Daimaru Kogyo speedily responds to customer needs as they change with the rapid progress of technological innovation, and offers high quality, reliable products under a thorough quality control system.

Major Line of Products

Printed Circuit Boards

Daimaru Kogyo offers a full line of PCB products and services that meet customer needs ranging from design and prototyping through mass-production, quality assurance, and performance analysis of single-sided to multi-layer, ultra-thin and fine-pattern PCBs. We supply low cost, high quality PCBs from our joint-venture PCB plant located in Huanan, China.

Board Procurement Capabilities (Nansha Office)

Daimaru Kogyo opened an office in Nansha (Guangzhou, China) close to the PCB production site in 2003. We use this office as a base for procuring single-sided, multi-layer and buildup boards so as to offer products that meet customer needs.

Quality Control

Daimaru Kogyo has different types of evaluation equipment to ensure the supply of reliable PCBs, and conducts internal quality checks and reliability evaluations by lot. We also provide total support via various post-delivery analysis services.

Semiconductor Memories

Daimaru Kogyo not only deals in semiconductor memories but also provides support for customers from the development phase as a fabless manufacturer that can outsource the manufacture of customized semiconductors of in-house design and development.

Electronic Components and General-purpose Semiconductors

Taking advantage of our position as a trading company that is not affiliated with specific manufacturers, Daimaru Kogyo deals in a wide range of electronic components and general-purpose semiconductors from manufacturers in Japan and overseas. We also utilize our information-collecting ability through use of overseas networks to offer products that meet customer needs.

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