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Metals, Resins, and Housing & Building Materials

Taking advantage of the distinctive qualities of a multipurpose trading company with all the functions for procurement, processing, quality control, and logistics to support customer manufacturing from every angle

Daimaru Kogyo leverages advanced manufacturing capabilities recognized in the automotive, electronic, office automation, construction, and other various industries, and uses internal and external resources to propose products, procure materials and parts, and manage logistics in order to offer optimal solutions to problems faced by customers.

Major Line of Products

Metalworking Products and Metalworking & Resin Processing Parts

Prototyping and Processing/Working of Development Parts

Daimaru Kogyo supports difficult and high-precision processing/working to help customers research, develop, and prototype parts in short lead-time and at low cost.

  • We have built a processing/working network that can support every sort of processing/working (eventually manufacturing).
  • We support small-lot, limited mass-production using prototyping knowhow.
  • We support an integrated manufacturing process from design and analysis through processing/working and assembly.

Quality Control Support

Daimaru Kogyo’s Quality Control Center provides comprehensive support for quality reliability, which can be said to be the most important aspect of product development and manufacture.

  • We have various types of measuring equipment, including three-dimensional coordinate measuring machines, measuring microscopes, and surface roughness & contour measuring machines, and conduct inspections in a constant temperature (20℃) room.
  • We conduct analyses and reliability/reproduction tests, and develop new technologies for automotive electronic parts and personal belongings.

Manufacture of Products on Consignment

Daimaru Kogyo provides integrated support for customers who outsource production.

  • We offer optimal resin and metallic materials from a wide range of sources.
  • We can totally coordinate production processes from the fabrication of parts through their surface finishing, printing, and assembly.

Trading & Logistics Business

Daimaru Kogyo uses its overseas bases in China and ASEAN to offer optimal overseas procurement to customers, and support them in promoting LCC (life-cycle costing).

  • We take care of complicated Out-Out trading business.
  • We manage inventories and whole process from package changes after import to daily deliveries.
  • We control and take care of settlement of tooling costs.

Metallic Materials

Daimaru Kogyo deals in various types of metallic materials, including steel and aluminum plates, pipes, and extruded materials, and is highly accredited for insulated, clad steel plates used in air conditioning equipment.

Heat Exchangers

Daimaru Kogyo deals in various heat exchangers and piping parts. We have vast knowledge of heat exchangers and offer production facilities and technologies from leading domestic and overseas manufacturers. In the Kita Kanto district, we built a distribution warehouse and established a delivery system based on the production plans of customers.

Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment

Daimaru Kogyo offers safe, rapid, and economical design and installation services for refrigeration and cold storage showcases and other equipment.

Energy-Saving Systems

Daimaru Kogyo can propose the best energy-saving systems for customer needs by providing total support for the introduction of LED lighting from the design/development of systems and selection of manufacturers through consulting on lighting space design.

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