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Packaging Materials and General Merchandise

Packaging Materials and General Merchandise

Offering different styles of “wrap” that softly protect and beautifully decorate valued products Daimaru Kogyo deals with packaging materials for a variety of different applications, including department store supplies, packaging materials for confectionary and bread manufacturers, food hygiene products, pharmaceutical materials, materials for plant operations, packaging materials used in stores/shops, and materials used in plants. We also offer optimal packaging styles using paper, metal cans, aluminum foil, and resin films to meet customer requests.

Major Line of Products

Paper Bags

Paper bags are essential to packaging goods in stores and shops. Daimaru Kogyo offers paper bags in different styles and materials to meet customer requests, including shopping bags, square bags, flat bags, and special paper bags.

Paper Boxes

Daimaru Kogyo offers product planning based on combinations of packaging paper, decorative ribbons, and decorative labels to department stores and Japanese-/Western-style confectionary manufacturers.

Metal Cans, etc.

Daimaru Kogyo offers a wide range of packaging materials, including different styles of packaging cans, plastic shopping bags, garbage bags, garment bags, plastic molded trays, sanitary gloves, and cardboard boxes for confectionary and food segments.

Household Merchandise

Daimaru Kogyo imports and markets household merchandise from China and ASEAN to mass retailers throughout Japan, and also develops private brand products to meet customer requests.

Fashion Items

Daimaru Kogyo can propose planning and handle import formalities for apparel products, as well as oversee export procedures for fancy merchandise and cosmetics, and provide other support for customer brand development.

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