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2017.08.25 Development of aqueous transparent flame retardant coating

Dainichi Giken Co., Ltd., which has a head office in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, has co-developed a new aqueous transparent flame-retardant coating “Landex Coat Flame Retardant Clear” using phosphorus flame retardant “FCX-210”* in partnership with Teijin Limited, which has a head office in Kita-ku, Osaka, and Daimaru Kogyo. (Patent pending)
It is the world’s first halogen-free aqueous transparent acrylic flame-retardant coating that ensures high transparency and high flame retardancy while maintaining the material’s original texture simply by applying it to the surface of diverse combustibles, including timbers, papers, fibers, rubbers and plastics.
Daimaru Kogyo will start to sell the product as an exclusive distributor on September 1, 2017.

* Phosphorus flame retardant “FCX-210”
Phosphorus flame retardant made with Teijin’s proprietary molecular-design technology. Due to its strengths such as high heat resistance and the ability to provide high flame retardancy only with small amounts, it is used widely in office automation equipment, home electronics and automobiles.

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