Electronic Device Department

Proposing optimal solutions based on thorough production management,
quality control, and superior procurement capabilities for everything from domestic
and foreign materials to printed circuit boards and electronic components.

With over 30 years of experience in design and production know-how in the area of printed circuit boards, we support the electronic device development and production our customers are looking for, by offering procurement of various components and materials, modularization, procurement of finished products, and quality control.

Printed Circuit Boards

We make comprehensive proposals to suit customer needs and applications, covering everything at the design and development stage, from specification suggestions to material selection, design, prototyping, reliability evaluation, mass-production, and quality assurance. We offer products that deliver customer satisfaction in terms of both costs and quality. We continually procure products from about 20 affiliated factories, foreign and domestic, covering a wide range of applications including boards such as single-sided to double-sided, multi-layer, build-up, AnyLayer PWBs or FPC, module, membrane, high-frequency, thick copper, metal, and boards with built-in components.

Materials Business

We propose the best solutions for board materials as well. We offer products that ensure satisfaction by procuring optimal materials from domestic or foreign sources to suit customer needs, and providing proper quality control.

Electronic Components

We offer t he electronic components our customers desire, such as semiconductors, electronic components, connecting components, c ables, LCDs, organic EL panels, various electronic materials, and other products, through domestic and foreign suppliers and our network extending over various regions including ASEAN, China, and Taiwan. We also sup port custom products from development to mass production.

EMS Business

Our EMS service covers a variety of fields ranging from electronics planning and development focusing on printed circuit boards, to electronic component procurement, mounting and assembly, and delivery of finished products. We make maximal use of our network of specialists-in areas such as printed circuit boards, design and development, components, and manufacturing-to provide support for our customers’ electronics businesses in a variety of fields. Through collaborations with our partner EMS manufacturers, domestic and foreign, we provide contract manufacturing service s for high-quality electronic components. We propose one-stop service with the shortest lead time for electronic device manufacturing, from selection of the optimal manufacturer, to technology management, quality control, and delivery period management, and further to electronic component procurement, printed circuit board mounting, and installation into cases.

IP Related Business

By exploiting our strengths as a general wholesale trading company, we can procure items such as resin molded products and processed metal products, and suggest various goods and products integrating these with the customer’s proprietary characters or other image designs. Our previous track record covers a broad range of products including apparel, sundries, and bags.

Trade and Logistics Solutions

With 8 business sites in ASEAN, China, and Taiwan, we carry out various complex trade administration tasks arising from transactions between foreign countries, a foreign country and Japan, or among three countries, as well as foreign exchange settlement, logistics management, production management, and procurement agent services on behalf of our customers.

Quality Control

We can provide support in collaboration with highly-experienced outside organizations specialized in each field such as analysis, failure analysis, replication, product evaluation, and reliability testing. While collecting and providing the information on R&D, production sites, and quality, we propose comprehensive solutions derived from that information.

Main Product Line

  • Design, prototyping, and mass-production of single-sided board to AnyLayer, RF boards, and FPC boards
  • Electronic components, connectors, cables, LCDs, organic EL panels, membranes, various electronic materials, and other items from domestic and foreign manufacturers
  • All types of quality assurance and analysis
  • 大丸兴业国际贸易(上海)有限公司
  • Daimaru kogyo (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  • 台灣大丸興業股份有限公司
  • PT. Daimaru Kogyo Indonesia
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