Industrial Materials Department

Total support for customer manufacturing,
from metal and chemical manufacturing
to logistics.

I Products and Processed Products

We meet the various needs of our customers by enlisting the cooperation of partners who have superior capabilities in terms of processing technology, and providing a wide range of materials, from chemicals and resins to metals.

Chemical Products

We offer products with unique characteristics such as: Landex C oat Flame Retardant Clear®, a halogen-free water-based acrylic coating jointly developed with Dainichi Giken Kogyo and Teijin that achieves a high degree of transparency and flame-retardance; and a bromine-based cleaner that enables safe and efficient degreasing of processed metal parts, electronic components, and precision parts, etc. (ABZOL®, developed independently by the Albermarle Corporation, USA).

Flame Retardant Clear

Processed Metal Products

To me et customer needs, we provide heat exchangers used in air-conditioning in various fields such as housing, factories, and vehicles, and in refrigeration and freezing equipment, as well as aluminum die-cast articles used in the construction and automotive industries. In the area of aluminum die-casting, we handle die fabrication, prototyping, mass production, and secondary processing.

Processed Resin Products

We secure wide-ranging procurement routes including overseas sources for everything from food and cosmetics containers to agricultural materials, and decorative parts for amusement games. We can eve n provide support for small lots. If necessary, we propose die fabrication.

Main Product Line

  • Chemical products (Landex Coat Flame Retardant Clear® coating and bromine-based ABZOL®, cleaner, etc.)」
  • Processed metal products (heat exchangers, dies, various sheet metal parts, non-ferrous profile extrusion molded products, metal meshes, springs, screws, aluminum die-cast articles, stainless steel tanks, lost-wax casting)
  • Processed resin products (blow-molded products, injection molded products, extrusion molded products, cut products)

ⅡMaterials and Raw Materials

Over a long period of time, we have built up relationships with manufacturers, and we handle a large selection of items including industrial chemicals, resin and metal materials.

Metal Materials

We offer various materials such as iron, copper and aluminum as molded products such as pipes and extrusions.

Resin Materials

We handle materials to suit virtually any applications, from materials such as resin sheets and functional films for manufacturers of electronic components, precision machinery and other products, to products relating to transport, civil engineering, and construction. We suggest standard products and order-made products from an extensive array of suppliers, in the optimal forms to suit the production lot.

Industrial Chemicals

We handle a diverse range of products such as soda ash (sodium carbonate), caustic soda (sodium hydroxide), other inorganic chemicals, and industrial chemicals like bromine-based cleaners. We meet customer needs by exploiting the cooperative relationships we h ave cultivated with manufacturers over many years, and our information capabilities regarding market trends.

Resin Raw Materials

We handle a wide variety of resin raw materials including: thermoplastic resins, thermosetting resins, and elastomers. Based on our connections with numerous suppliers, we make optimal suggestions to meet diversifying customer needs.

Main Product Line

  • Metal materials (copper pipe, steel plate, aluminum plate, extrusions, etc.)
  • Resin raw materials and materials (various synthetic resin raw materials, resin sheets, PET bottles, pre-formed sheets for molding, functional films, high water absorption resins, etc.)
  • Industrial chemicals (soda ash, caustic soda, fluorine, defoaming agents, silicate soda, etc., cullet, silica, etc.)
  • Civil engineering materials (various types of cement, lime, Epoxy plastic molds, etc.)
  • Agricultural materials (fruit packaging trays)
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  • Daimaru kogyo (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
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  • PT. Daimaru Kogyo Indonesia
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