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We suggest new value to our valued customers in procurement of the parts for next-generation Automobiles

Automotive industry is in a period of structural change, said once in 100 years.
In order to deal with the age of Intelligent Automobile, practical realization of the advanced safety technologies and automatic driving technology is rapidly progressed.
At the same time, automobile electrification for the purpose of elevating environmental performance, bring the needs of lighter weight materials to Automakers. Now the mainstream of the materials have been changed from metal to aluminum, carbon fiber and resin and so on.
We are now facing the new era, where unprecedented technological innovation rapidly progress, and bring the diversification to the value of automobile.
We suggest new value to our customers in procurement of the parts for next-generation Automobiles by multiplying our strength in electronic, industrial materials, overseas business and so on.

As a convenience trading company who also understand manufacturing, we can suggest optimal procurement from R&D to mass-production of automotive parts.

In order to respond immediately to unprecedented technological innovation seen in electric cars and smart cars, we support optimal procurement from R&D to mass-production of automobile, by exploiting our wide-ranging domestic and foreign network as a trading company.

I Supporting Procurement of Parts for Mass-Production, material supplies and service parts

Solutions for Procurement, Trade, and Logistics

In collaboration with our overseas business sites in ASEAN and China, we provide parts procurement and trade and logistics services to flexibly meet customer needs, for example, in addition to the usual receipt management functions, but also inspection work and other tasks upon request.

Expansion and Improvement of Supply Chains

Utilizing our global networks for procurement, trade, and logistic, we provide Automakers and Auto-parts manufacturers, with the automotive parts for mass-production, material supplies, service parts from Domestic, ASEAN, Chinese suppliers. These parts are not only used in Japan; our business also includes importing to Japan, exporting to overseas, and off-shore trade among overseas countries.

At Daimaru Kogyo, we sensitively discern changes in the world and customer trends in order to further bolster our supply sources and actively participate in supply chains from upstream to downstream, and by doing so we play an important role in manufacturing as a fabless manufacturer.

Ⅱ Procurement of R&D Parts for Automobile

Contract Processing Service for R&D Parts

We have built up a manufacturing network with numerous affiliated suppliers, domestic and foreign. To respond to customer needs quickly at reasonable prices, we select the optimal prototyping method and support prototype part processing. Before delivering processed parts to the customer, we ensure quality control by conducting measurement and inspection at our Quality Control Center.

Procure the parts from one unit, domestically and overseas.

We act for procurement service from one unit from domestic/overseas suppliers, and deliver reliably to customers' doorstep.
If you are in such troubles as follows, we can offer you solutions. -

  • • Want to obtain domestic or foreign automotive parts to verify the parts of other companies.
  • • Want to buy items sold through Internet shops in North America, Europe, ASEAN, China, or other countries and regions.
  • • Items are sold locally overseas, but it is not possible to have them sent to Japan.
  • • Purchasing itself is possible, but procedures are troublesome and take time.
  • • Procurement from multiple domestic/overseas suppliers causes a troublesome management task, and transport costs, import costs, and remittance charges also mount up.

Creation of New Technology

We will further strengthen the system that allows us to provide new technologies needed in the next generation by focusing efforts on collaboration with business partners who have sophisticated technologies and carrying out joint development with automobile and materials manufacturers.

Main Product Line

  • Automobiles and automotive parts (power train parts, exterior/interior parts, chassis parts, electrical system parts, experimental equipment/production equipment, repair parts, accessory parts)
  • Materials, Parts for Trial and Mass-production, material supplies, service parts
  • Experiment device, Production related device.
  • Machined metal products, pressed parts, sheet metal parts, cast/forged parts, heat treatment, surface treatment, assembly, welding, laser processing, 3D printing
  • Machine processed resin products, injection molded parts, two-color molded parts, molding dies, painting, printing, plating, vapor deposition, assembly, 3D printing, vacuum casting
  • Quality inspection for all sorts of processed metal and non-ferrous metal products (three-dimensional measurement, roughness measurement, microscope measurement, general-purpose measuring instruments, etc.)
  • 大丸兴业国际贸易(上海)有限公司
  • Daimaru kogyo (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  • 台灣大丸興業股份有限公司
  • PT. Daimaru Kogyo Indonesia
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