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Mar 1933 Founded the original Daimaru Kogyo Ltd. (capital: JP¥5 million)
1937~43 Opened branches and branch offices in 28 locations in China area and 17 locations in the ASEAN region (Closed after defeat in World War II.)
Jul 1943 Merged with Daimaru Inc. (dissolved the original Daimaru Kogyo Ltd.)
Aug 1948 Established Daimaru Kogyo Ltd. (headquartered in Osaka and capitalized at JP¥1 million)
Jan 1951 Started to handle chemical raw materials and industrial chemicals.
Sep Opened Tokyo Branch (current Tokyo Headquarters).
Sep 1957 Started to import frozen meat.
Aug 1961 Opened Nagoya Branch (current Nagoya Office).
Aug 1988 Opened Taipei Branch (current Taipei Office).
Mar 1990 Opened North Kanto Office (current Kita-kanto Office).
Mar 1991 Opened “Quality Control Center” for quality improvement and stabilization for test production of Nissan parts (Ota-ku, Tokyo).
Jun Opened Ho Chi Minh Office.
Jun 1992 Authorized by Nissan as “designated inspection free parts supplier”.
Mar 1994 Opened Hong Kong Branch (current Electronic Device Div., Hong Kong Electronic Device Team).
Oct 1997 Established Daimaru Kogyo International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Capital: US$200,000 (100% investment)
Mar 1999 Took over trading business of Daimaru Inc., absorbed Myanmar Branch of Daimaru Inc. into our Myanmar Branch (current Yangon Office) and took over the business of Daimaru U.S.A., Inc. (Seattle, capitalized at US$100,000)
Sep 2003 Opened Nansha Office in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.
Feb 2007 Opened Bangkok Office.
Mar 2008 Shifted from a fully-owned subsidiary of The Daimaru, Inc. to a fully-owned subsidiary of J. Front Retailing Co., Ltd., a joint holding company inaugurated through management integration between The Daimaru, Inc. and Matsuzakaya Co., Ltd.
Jan 2009 Established Jakarta (Indonesia) Office.
Feb Took over the operation of Tokiwa Shokai Co., Ltd. (an insurance agency) as part of JFR Group’s reorganization of its affiliates into “one company per sector”.
Nov Received ISO 27001 certification at two business sites including offices in Osaka and Tokyo.
Mar 2010 Undertook the operation of liquor departments of Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores and launched liquor business combining import, wholesale and retail
Jan 2012 Established Daimaru Kogyo (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Capital: THB102,000,000 (100% investment)
May 2014 Certified as an inspection-free manufacturer by Nissan Research Center, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., for the 23th consecutive year (since 1992).
Jan 2015 Established Taiwan DaimaruKogyo, Ltd. Capital: NT$60,000,000 (100% investment)

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