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Looking for new business and new growth on a worldwide scale Hidenori Okubo, President & CEO

Daimaru Kogyo, Ltd. (“the Company”) is a trading company of J. Front Retailing Group with an 80-year history. What is of primary importance to the Company is the philosophy of “service before profit” inherited from the Daimaru department store chain, the Company’s parent organization. This philosophy means that living up to our responsibilities for and earning the trust of customers and society will yield corporate profits, which can be restated as the “customer-first principle” and a “contribution to society.” To provide what customers and society need only in the needed amount, when needed, and at fair prices is really our mission as a trading company.

We are dealing with an extensive range of commodities, including chemical products, electronic components, packaging materials, food, and fishing rods. This kind of diversity is a great strength although selection and concentration have been called for these days. We believe that such a wide diversity of business domains expands the possibilities of new businesses.

Our business field is the “world,” with a particular focus on Asia. In recent years, Asian countries have been changing from production bases to consumption areas, and will undoubtedly become even bigger markets than they are now in view of their future economic and population growth. We have set up business bases in China and ASEAN ahead of competitors since the 1980s. As there are a variety of different business opportunities in these regions, the promotion of overseas operations really drives the growth and expansion of Daimaru Kogyo.

With people, goods, and capital becoming increasingly borderless and globalized, the age of trading companies has now come. We strive to further expand our business under the philosophy of “service before profit” with the “foresight” and “challenging mind” that have been perpetuated over these 80 years. To these ends, we will build better relations of trust with stakeholders – customers, local communities, and employees – and, together with them, grow on the world stage. Your continued support and cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

Hidenori Okubo
President & CEO
Daimaru Kogyo, Ltd.

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