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Corporate Message

A trading company
that brings convenience, offering prompt, conscientious solutions to customer problems

The J. Front Retailing Group (referred to below as the JFR Group) has a history of more than 80 years since its founding, and as the trading company of the group, Daimaru Kogyo has continued its business activities based on the vision of a trading company that brings convenience, offering prompt, conscientious solutions to customer problems.

Our company handles many types of goods in its electronic device, automotive, industrial materials, and foods businesses, as well as its overseas business focused on ASEAN and China, and its business relating to the JFR Group. To continue as a company needed by customers and society in the future, all of our employees will maintain a constructive sense of tension, and we will always take up new challenges, never satisfied with the status quo. In this way, we will continually work hard to address customer problems as a trading company that brings convenience.

President & CEO 
Tsuneichirou Nagano

Tsuneichirou Nagano


Responding to diversifying problems through technical innovation and globalization

In the era we are now entering, there will be steady progress in adoption of IoT and AI, and within that context, we will increasingly have to respond to new market needs in the fields of automobiles and electronic devices. There is no end to the development of new technologies such as self-driving cars, fuel cell vehicles, and electric vehicles. Waves of unprecedented technological innovation are occurring in all fields.
To respond to these changing times, we plan to deploy the fabless manufacturing capabilities we have previously cultivated in the areas of electronic devices and automobiles in other fields. As a trading company, we carry out optimal procurement by leveraging wide-ranging networks inside and outside Japan, and we have unique manufacturing capabilities as a trading company with a development department.
In addition, it is crucial to collaborate with business partners who have sophisticated technologies. We also channel efforts into joint development with automobile and material manufacturers to focus on technologies that will be needed in the coming era. To resolve the ever-diversifying problems facing customers, we are further strengthening a system that allows us to offer one-stop service for optimal products, covering everything from design and prototyping to mass production and quality assurance.
Also, an essential requirement is internationalization within our company to match globalization of the market. Therefore, we actively promote diversity, and strive to bring together highly-capable, diverse human resources, regardless of sex or nationality. We aim to be a firm that can contribute to the development of society long into the future, while steadfastly partnering with overseas business sites, particularly in ASEAN countries and China.


We will continue to meet the
needs of the times and the market

We have established these five markets as priority markets: the electronic device market with its remarkable technological innovation due to trends like the shift to ICT, the automobile-related market, the industrial materials market for supporting new modes of manufacturing, the retail-re lated market where industry restructuring is underway, and the overseas market centered on the three regions of Japan, ASEAN, and China.
We will respond to the needs of the times through these areas of high interest in our era and society so that we can satisfy customers in all our operations.

  • 大丸兴业国际贸易(上海)有限公司
  • Daimaru kogyo (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  • 台灣大丸興業股份有限公司
  • PT. Daimaru Kogyo Indonesia
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