March 1933
Founded original Daimaru Kogyo Ltd. (capital: 5 million yen)
Opened 28 branches and sub-branches in China, and 17 in the ASEAN region (closed in 1941 at the end of World War II)
July 1943
Merged with The Daimaru, Inc. (dissolved original Daimaru Kogyo Ltd.)
August 1948
Established Daimaru Kogyo, Ltd. (headquarters: Osaka, capital: 1 million yen)
January 1951
Started handling chemical raw materials and industrial chemicals
Opened Tokyo Branch (current Tokyo Headquarters)
September 1957
Started imports of frozen meat
Started automotive business
March 1961
Opened Nagoya Sub-branch (current Nagoya Office)
July 1983
Started electronics business
August 1988
Opened Taipei Branch (current Taiwan Daimaru Kogyo, Ltd.)
March 1991
Opened Quality Control Center in Ota-ku, Tokyo
Opened Ho Chi Minh Office
March 1994
Opened Hong Kong Branch
October 1997
Established Shanghai Daimaru Kogyo International Trading Co., Ltd. (current Daimaru Kogyo International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.) (capital: US$ 200,000, 100% investment)
March 1999
Acquired trading business of The Daimaru, Inc., and accompanying this opened Myanmar Branch (current Yangon Office)
November 2003
Opened Nansha Office (Guangzhou, Guangdong Province)
February 2007
Opened Bangkok Office (current Daimaru Kogyo (Thailand) Co., Ltd.)
March 2008
Switched from a fully-owned subsidiary of The Daimaru, Inc. to a fully-owned subsidiary of J. Front Retailing Co., Ltd., a joint holding company created through management integration of The Daimaru, Inc. and Matsuzakaya Co., Ltd.
January 2009
Opened Jakarta Office
Acquired business of Tokiwa Shokai Co., Ltd. (an insurance agency), an affiliated company of the J. Front Retailing Group
March 2010
Entrusted with operation of liquor sales floors at Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores, and started liquor business combining import, wholesale, and retail
January 2012
Established Daimaru Kogyo (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (capital: THB 102 million, 100% investment)
January 2015
Established Taiwan Daimaru Kogyo, Ltd. (capital: NT$ 60 million, 100% investment)
April 2017
Established Grand Cercle, an online shopping site for wine
Issued press release for Landex Coat Flame Retardant Clear®, a flame-retardant coating jointly developed with Dainichi Giken Kogyo and Teijin(began sales on September 1, Disaster Prevention Day)
June 2018
Established PT. Daimaru Kogyo Indonesia (capital: US$ 2.1 million)
Capital investment by Daimaru Kogyo, Ltd. (99%) and Daimaru Kogyo (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (1%)
October 2020
Opened Hanoi Office
  • 大丸兴业国际贸易(上海)有限公司
  • Daimaru kogyo (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  • 台灣大丸興業股份有限公司
  • PT. Daimaru Kogyo Indonesia
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